Exciting changes to our Pet Care Packages! plus, a monthly payment option!

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We at Heartland Animal Hospital realize that taking care of pets can be expensive so we designed our Pet Care Packages with that in mind.  Our packages were designed to provide all the recommended preventive care plus discounts on medications, surgery, and additional care.  We even give you two easy ways to pay:  if you pay all at once, in advance, you will enjoy at least a 20% discount or you can opt for easy monthly payments and have the benefit of at least a 10% discount. The new packages will be available for purchase starting March 1, 2013.

 Included with every package:

 Complete Physical Exams:  Your pet will benefit from wellness exams at least twice yearly (more often if recommended by the doctor) and from "sick" pet exams as often as needed.  The physical exam is the single most important aspect of preventive health care.  In addition to examining every body system on your pet, we listen to your concerns and observations from home, because no one knows your pet as well as you do.

 Vaccinations:  Heartland Animal Hospital follows the most recent vaccine guidelines published by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  We assess each patient individually and design the vaccine protocol based on your pet's specific lifestyle and risk factors.  Heartland Animal Hospital chooses the safest, most effective vaccines available.  In dogs, that means choosing vaccines that are least likely to cause a painful post-vaccination reaction; while in cats, it means using only non-adjuvented vaccines which reduces the risk of vaccine-associated sarcoma.  We give ONLY the vaccines your pet needs, and ONLY when he or she needs them.

 Wellness Panels:  The second most important aspect of your pet's wellness is screening lab work.  We use this information to establish healthy baseline values, so we can be alerted to changes before your pet shows signs of disease.  Often we can see trends in lab values that may be concerning before the values are significantly out of range.  This is the best time to intervene, make changes, and even cure diseases before your pet even knows he or she is sick.  We also use this information to help us to avoid medications that may not be appropriate for your pet and to monitor potentially serious side effects with some medications.  The lab work also serves as a preemptive health screen prior to anesthesia.

 Heartworm & Tick Borne Disease Test (for dogs):  Heartworm disease is a problem in our area and tick borne diseases are becoming more common.  The American Heartworm Society recommends testing yearly and for dogs to be on heartworm preventive year round.  By testing yearly, we are able to detect and treat infections or exposure to these potentially devastating diseases before they wreck havoc with your dog's health.

 Feline Leukemia & Feline AIDS Test (for cats):  FeLV and FIV are two contagious, incurable diseases that cats can contract.  It is extremely important to know a cat's viral status before he or she is introduced into a household with existing cats.  Therefore, we strongly recommend testing all kittens and new cats before integrating them into your home.  Yearly testing is recommended for all cats that are allowed outdoors where they could come in contact with unknown cats.  We also recommend testing any sick cats as rarely the viruses can remain hidden for months or years before causing problems.  Because of this, we also recommend testing all cats once every five years to ensure their continued negative viral status.

 Fecal Testing:  No one likes to bring stool samples in to be tested, but this is an important test that is recommended at least twice yearly for dogs and indoor/outdoor cats and at least once yearly for totally indoor cats.  Intestinal parasites don't only pose a threat to your pet(s), they may also pose a risk to your human family, so it is important to identify and treat any issues before they become a problem.

 Additional Discounts:  The purchase of a Pet Care Package gives you 10%-20% off medications, hospitalization, laboratory, & surgical services depending on your invoice total for the covered pet:

  •  Invoices up to $250.00                        10% off
  • Invoices from $250.01 to $600.00      15% off
  • Invoices over $600.00                         20% off

Optional Additions:

 Spay or Neuter (for puppies and kittens):  Heartland Animal Hospital firmly believes that spaying or neutering is in the best interest of most pets and their families.  Spaying your female pet will prevent pregnancy, heat cycles (several weeks of bleeding in female dogs and constant yowling/rolling/behavior problems in cats), and significantly decrease the chance of breast cancer later in life.  Neutering your pet will decrease roaming behavior, decreased urine marking, and the eliminate the possibility of testicular cancer.  The spay or neuter procedure includes the surgery*, anesthesia, and pain medications.  We also include a microchip with the spay/neuter surgery to help your pet get home if he or she ever gets lost. 

 *If your pet's surgery is more complicated than typical (your female dog has been through a heat cycle or your male pet is cryptorchid/monorchid), there will be additional costs that you are responsible for at the time of surgery (an estimate will be provided).  Also not included are any additional procedures you request such as declawing your kitten or removing dewclaws on your puppy.

Professional Dental Cleaning (for adults and seniors):  Periodontal disease is the most common disease in our pets and most pets require regular professional dental cleanings to maintain their oral health.  We have included one professional dental cleaning per year in our pet care packages to help owners budget for this important part of their pet's overall health.  Unfortunately many pets suffer from periodontal disease to extent that they have one or more unsalvageable teeth.  With regular professional dental cleanings we hope to prevent this, but if your pet requires the extraction of any teeth, you will be responsible for the cost of the extractions or any other necessary additional treatments beyond the standard professional dental cleaning.

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